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Cthulhu Tarot 78 cards

Cthulhu Tarot 78 cards

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This deck is composed of 78 cards (70x120mm / 2.75×4.75″) printed on high quality European paper, in 320gsm with linen finish, this is the black edition.

This deck, which originally contained only the Major Arcana, is now available in a full 78-card tarot deck.

This new black edition consists of 78 high quality cards, adding 56 Minor Arcana cards to our original Major Arcana.

Each suit is set in a story by H.P. Lovecraft, where each card represents part of the story, all with unique illustrations, following the outline of the Minor Arcana.

Based on the Lovecraft universe, a unique artist deck of cards beautifully illustrated with amazing details.

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