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Sihr Tarot

Sihr Tarot

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The term "Sihr" is applied to that which entrances the eye and acts on the psyche of the individual, making him believe that what he sees is real when it is not so. This is called al-uk̲h̲d̲h̲a, "charm, incantation" [RUḲYA], "artifice, stratagem" [NĪRAND̲J̲ , SĪMIYĀ]; in short, everything that is known as “white” or “natural magic”. It also refers to things, the apprehension (maʾk̲h̲ad̲h̲) of which is fine and subtle; this applies, for example, to certain poetry and certain eloquence, that of the Ḳurʾān in particular. The Prophet was allegedly told, inna min al-bayāni

Format: 120 x 65 mm/4.75x2.75 inches
Tuck Box
Guidebook: English.
Year: 1sr edition July 2022.
Set included: Cards - Major and Minor Arcana, Booklet, Tuck Box.

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