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Bride of Frankenstein Wool Doll

Bride of Frankenstein Wool Doll

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Kutuleras brings you in black and white, one of the most important classic monsters in history.

«How can I express my emotions in the face of that catastrophe, or describe the unfortunate man whom I had tried to train with such infinite work and care! His limbs were proportionate, and she had selected beautiful features for him. Beautiful! My God!
His yellowish skin barely covered the work of muscles and arteries underneath; the hair was black, loose and thick; the teeth were the white of pearl; but these details were nothing but a hideous contrast with watery eyes that seemed almost the same color as the whitish sockets that housed them, parchment skin, and stretched black lips. [...] Ah! There was no mortal capable of bearing the horror of that countenance. A re-animated mummy couldn't be as hideous as that wretch. »

Mary Shelley "Frankenstein, or the modern Prometheus"
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