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Viking Cthulhu

Viking Cthulhu

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- You won't find this Viking cthulhu anywhere else. The design is totally ours and original.

- The doll is entirely handmade by expert hands and the best quality Spanish wool has been used.

- The case, the axe and the shield can be removed and put on. In addition the shield has a button to attach it to the Viking's back or to put it on his arm.

- It is one of our latest creations. We thought that Cthulhu is cool and a Viking is awesome. Imagine making a Viking Cthulhu! It would be epic!


height: 11,8 inches

-It is not suitable for children, nor is it a toy, it is a work of art that I have made with a lot of effort and heart. I hope you find the best place in your house. A site worthy of our dark lord Cthulhu.

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