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Cthulhu Wool Statue

Cthulhu Wool Statue

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- This piece of art is one of the last in my collection and I can say that it is one of which I am most proud.

-It has taken me a long time to make, but with so many resin Cthulhu sculptures, I thought there should be a wool one.

-I have used many techniques that I have been learning in it. For example, if we look at the base, at the pedestal, we can see that it is totally square. That's because inside it has a cardboard cube to give it more strength. Then inside the wings there is wire, so you can move them however you want. Then the eyes are safety and are hand painted with enamel.

-It is not suitable for children, nor is it a toy, it is a work of art that I have made with a lot of effort and heart. I hope you find the best place in your house. A site worthy of our dark lord Cthulhu.

Height: 7,1 inches (18 cm)
Width: 4,7 inches (12cm)

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