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Mercury and bowie wooldoll by Kutuleras

Mercury and bowie wooldoll by Kutuleras

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We met the actor Bowie earlier than the musician. Axel, one of the members of the store, in its childhood, he watched more than fourteen times "Labyrinth". Much later, we were interested in Bowie's music. As everyone, we fell in love with his theme "Space Oddity" For this reason we decided to make to Bowie a tribute with this doll. It's the first time we make a suit with parallel lines, a complex technique ... but Bowie deserves the best.

Freddie Mercury for everyone is the best artist of all time. That is why Kutuleras wanted to dedicate this adorable doll as a tribute to the great singer. This doll is perfect to make a gift to your music teacher, a great lover of music, the baby of the couple with great musical culture. It's also perfect for you. Why not? :)

“I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring.”
― David Bowie

Height: 25 cm
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