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Miskatonic University set, Lovecraft Prop, Antartic expedition

Miskatonic University set, Lovecraft Prop, Antartic expedition

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  • Width: 20 centimeters
    Height: 13 centimeters
    Depth: 1 centimeters

Kutuleras brings you the evidence collected in Antarctica by the Miskatonik University expedition.

The set includes:

- A plate of strange fossils.

- The certificate of Authenticity signed by Henry Armitage and William Dye.

- 4 Photographs. One from the expedition, two others from strange places and another from a terrifying albino penguin.

- A map of Antarctica, marked where the excavation is.

- A field notebook.

- Two specimens in pristine condition.

- A document with notes about the strange Elder Thing.

This set is perfect for decorating any corner of your house, such as decorating an escape room, it can also be used for role-playing games or live role-playing games.

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