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Nosferatu Wool Doll

Nosferatu Wool Doll

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Kutuleras brings a new version of Nosferatu. Following the style of our latest round-shaped dolls, we have made this adorable Nosferatu with yellow teeth. It has large, black plastic eyes and has wire in its ears so you can move them as you wish. It is a doll full of details and thanks to its shape and its little feet it stays perfectly upright.

Crafted with high-quality wool and featuring "safety eyes," this doll is not only a tribute to classic horror but also a safe and durable toy for children. Its timeless design and haunting allure make it a standout piece in any collection of horror memorabilia. Whether displayed on a shelf or cherished as a plaything, this Nosferatu doll is sure to delight fans of classic cinema and Gothic literature alike.

Size: 7 inches
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