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Miss Miserable

Notebook 500 pages

Notebook 500 pages

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500-page notebook with a 2.5 mm thick black cover lined in synthetic leather where we can read "500 pages" in gold. The edge of the pages is also in gold, in addition the pages are numbered in the lower left and right margin. Some pages have inspiring annotations in English, for example on page 243 “The days Venus takes to rotate on its axis” or on page 10 “The levels of hell in the Divine Comedy”.

On the edge of the notebook you can also read "500 pages" in gold and "Millimeter" those responsible for its fantastic design. The notebook also comes with a black recording tape, like a Bible, to mark the last page or not to forget which page you left that prodigious note on. At the beginning you will find a 6-page directory so that you can make your own index and be able to organize the contents of the notebook in a simple way.

Is 500 pages a lot? A normal notebook has between 100 and 200 pages. It's more than double! In addition, since they are made using bible paper with the same amount of paper, we get 6 times more pages. It is a light and sustainable notebook: more pages, thinner, fewer trees have suffered in its creation.

Its size is perfect, super manageable, to carry in the glove compartment, in the bag or to be the notebook of your work meetings.

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