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Ouija Cthulhu

Ouija Cthulhu

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Limited Edition Cthulhu Talking Board with a unique sculpted & hand-painted planchette, communicate with Cthulhu through his dreams!

The Cthulhu Talking Board “Whispers from R’lyeh” is a limited edition and it has been created by Cthulhu Project in collaboration with Bere&Bere tattoo artists and Daniel Ritthanondh (Teptec Studios) sculptor.

The board size is 36x26cm (14.2×10.2”) and it’s made of cardboard (not wood). The planchette is a unique resin piece 13x9cm (5.1×3.5”) hand-casted and hand-painted, bronze color finish. The backside of the planchette is engraved with the Necronomicon symbol.

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