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Viking Set for Babies Gods Edition

Viking Set for Babies Gods Edition

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This set has been designed for babies Vikings followers of Thor and Dragonborns. The helmet is made with soft wool recommended by Thor and the delicate Mjolnir (Thor hammer) is stuffed with some bells blessed by Odin. :)
It is ideal to disguise your baby for carnival, photographic sets or just to go for a walk.

The helmet you see in the pic is for babies from 3 to 9 months, but when you make the purchase you can choose another size. (even for adults if you contact us)

Suitable for Children

How long does it take my order to arrive?

We pack and send orders every day and send them the following day. In Spain they arrive in 48-72 hours. Worldwide it can take 6-16 days (it depends of the country)

I knit myself all the wool dolls for the website. The time we take in sending the items is the same as in Spain, but the making process usually takes 6-7 days more. Think that I'm an experienced  and perfectionist artisant and I want my creations to arrive in perfect conditions. In summary:

If you buy a wool doll from this website, keep in mind that it can usually take between 7 and 20 days to arrive to your home. 

If you need it sooner, don't hesitate to write us and I'll tell you if it's possible to have it sooner. Everything can be talked in this life :)


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