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Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll

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This voodoo doll is a stress reliever. It helps to calm your anger over a breakup or divorce. It is also a fun gift for someone who is learning Spanish.

The measurements are:

8.5 X 4 inches

With the doll come 6 needles in a little box. You can see it in the pictures.
It has two different faces and the text is:

Front (top to bottom).
Peste= plague
Urticaria= hives
Mala suerte= Bad luck
Dolor= Pain
Mareos= Dizziness
Falta de deseo= Lack of desire
Artritis = Arthritis
Fealdad = Ugliness

Reverse (from top to bottom)

Calvo = Bald
Dolor cervical= Cervical pain
Sin trabajo = No work
Granos= Grains= Grains
Soledad= Loneliness
Picor Anal= Anal itch
Mala suerte = Bad luck
Sin un duro= Without money

Prohibited for children.
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